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Beginner TRX Suspension Training Classes Enrolling In February

If you want cutting-edge training and total-body fitness TRX Suspension Training can give you what you want!

The TRX suspension training uses a wide variety of multi-plane movements that mimic our real life movements. You'll enjoy an intense and exhilarating workout that combines resistance bands and floor exercises to maximize your balance and core strength.


With TRX training you'll compound your movements and speed up your results! It's a highly efficient workout that develops strength, balance, flexibility, and joint stability simultaneously. Not only will you develop killer abs, but with a strong core you'll prevent injuries, improve your posture and boost your overall strength.

No matter what fitness goals you set, this TRX Suspension Training program will give you an exhilarating 800 calorie-burning workout that delivers FAST RESULTS! Best of all, it's great for people of all ages and fitness levels, because a simple repositioning of your hands or feet will increase or decrease the intensity of your workout.

If you want to lose weight, prevent injuries, improve your heart health, or create the lean, strong body you've always wanted this program is for YOU!

To learn more about our TRX Suspension Training, simply fill in the request information on the right. Program details will be sent to your inbox within seconds. 


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