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Cleveland Jiu Jitsu Classes

Learn Jiu Jitsu and Get In Amazing Shape! December Specials!

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Take your fitness and self-defense skills to staggering new heights with Jiu -itsu classes from Fight Fit Ohio!

Learn take downs, ground work, locks, joint manipulation and the counter or prevention of each, in a safe environment. Although we will be learning the techniques from a sport (safe) view point, we will also discuss and train these techniques from a self-defense perspective.

The Jiu-Jitsu classes at Fight Fit Ohio in Middleburg Height will leave you looking better than you have in years while giving you all the self-defense skills you need to protect you and yours. But if that's not enough reason to try our Jiu-Jitsu classes, then you'll want to hear about the other great benefits that our Jiu-Jitsu classes have to offer:

  • Develop lightening-fast reflexes and amazing speed
  • Reach new heights with your self-confidence
  • Focus more clearly than ever before
  • Gain incredible stamina and energy
  • Say good-bye to day-to-day stress
  • Learn practical and effective self-defense techniques


With all the classes currently on our schedule you are sure to find something that suits you! Fill out the short form on the side of this page to learn more about our Jiu-Jitsu program and our other incredible fitness and martial art programs.

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