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Beginner Corporate Group Seminars Classes Enrolling In October

Have your next corporate or organization meeting at our training center and help keep your employees, staff, and team members safe. Take a private Krav Maga self defense seminar in our 8300 square foot facility with our certified instructors or we can bring the seminar to you. 

More and more companies realize the need to keep their employees safe on and off the job site. Along with providing health insurance, on the job safety training and wellness programs businesses are protecting their most valuable assets, their people, with real world, practical and useful self defense training. Help you team have less stress and more confidence with this important seminar.

This is a great way of team building with the excitement of learning valuable self defense that is endorsed by hundreds of law enforcement agencies all over the world. 

Give you employees or team members a unique meeting experience and the opportunity to learn something that could save their lives. All corporate events at our training center include a catered buffet lunch or dinner which gives your participants the opportunity to relax and discuss their experience after their training.


  • Teach real-world self defense
  • Increase awareness
  • Increase confidence
  • Develop team building
  • And that will be fun!

Call Fight Fit to set up this exciting meeting and team building experience that your group will want to attend.


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