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Beginner 30 Minute Workout Classes Enrolling In October

We know that there are days where time is short and you might not have the time for an hour long class. That's why we have developed three different 30 minute classes that will allow you to get an intense workout in a short amount of time. If its one of those days where there is so much to do but you still want to workout, Fight Fit Ohio's 30 Minute workout is right for you!

On the other hand, if you find you have a bit more time to devote to your training, our 30 Minute Workouts are great additions before or after one of our other amazing fat-burning classes for an extended 90-minute workout!

  • Mitt Skills

This intense workout is based on a variety of punching combinations using Focus Mitts with the goal to teach you the fundamentals of how to punch correctly with power, speed and accuracy. Some interval training is incorporated to make sure you keep moving and to keep your heart rate up.

  • Bag Blast

Our 30 Minute Bag Blast workout is a non-stop Heavy Bag class with high-cardio aerobics intervals.


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