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Join us on Saturday, April 28th from 1:00pm to 3:00pm for our Sexual Assault: Women's Self Defense Seminar. Women (non-members and members) age 13 and up are welcome to participate. This is a hands on training that will include learning physical techniques designed to eliminate an attacker quickly. Discussion on awareness and the importance of mindset will also be included. You will practice scenarios for attacks both standing and on the ground against padded attackers.

Cost $15 or $25 for two people.

Register online at:

You will train this entire time so wear comfortable clothes and any sort of training shoes.

Instructor: Sarah Fox, Owner of Fight Fit and Krav Maga Black Belt. Sarah has taught Krav Maga for 13 years and opened Fight Fit in 2008. Fight Fit has taught thousands of people in Northeast Ohio the principles of Krav Maga with its training designed to not only teach self defense but develop a fighting spirit as well.

Any questions please just let us know at 440-234-KRAV.

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