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  • Lina Nguyen, Fight Fit Testimonials

    Best investment in yourself you can make. Great classes and instructors. Whether you are experienced or brand new to martial arts / self defense, Sarah has created an open and inviting environment to train. I had never thrown a punch before I walked into the gym two years ago, and Fight Fit has taught me so much and made me feel much more confident and aware. If you’re just looking for a good workout, the fitness classes are excellent as well.

    Lina Nguyen
  • Matt Wagner, Fight Fit Testimonials

    Friendly staff with positive attitudes! Teaches you how to defend yourself when a bad situation might arise. Bootcamps challenge you and offer a variety of classes!

    Matt Wagner
  • La Verne Weinmann, Fight Fit Testimonials

    I honestly did not think I could do it, but you do work at your own pace. The people are so encouraging, supportive and enthusiastic you can't help but give it all you have ;)!

    La Verne Weinmann
  • Melissa Gallop, Fight Fit Testimonials

    Fight Fit has helped me get in the best shape of my life! I was nervous to walk through the doors of Fight Fit as I was in terrible shape and obese. I'm glad I got over that and went anyway -- it was one of the best decision I have ever made. The instructors are fantastic and never made me feel bad about the condition I was in. In fact, they are supportive and encouraging of anyone who takes those first steps through the door and decides to make a change. I know I have tons of training ahead of me but today I am much more confident than ever and I would be able to handle myself should the SHTF.

    Melissa Gallop
  • Ray Geyser, Fight Fit Testimonials

    I cannot express enough how much I love this place and all the people involved with it. Owner, Instructors and other students. It has changed my life in a positive way. I am so much healthier as well as being trained in Krav Maga. This is the real deal if you are looking to learn Krav. The healthiness is kind of a bye product you achieve as you learn the Krav. So in my book it's a win win for all.

    Ray Geyser
  • Tim Colburn, Fight Fit Testimonials

    Be a loaded weapon. Walk the world 🌎 knowing you have the tools to walk in peace or explode into war. Go home safe!

    Tim Colburn
  • Dan Last, Fight Fit Testimonials

    If you are looking for the best training center in NE Ohio then your search ends here. Fight Fit offers so many different types of classes that there is literally something for everyone. There are morning, afternoon, night, and weekend classes of all types so it is never a problem to find a class that fits my schedule. I have met some really cool people there that have been a very positive influence on me. I recommend Fight fit highly!

    Dan Last
  • Amber Staklinski, Fight Fit Testimonials

    Sarah and the Fight Fit crew are some of the best around! This is a great training environment and the most effective self-defense. Come check it out - it's one of the best things you can do for the safety of you and your family.

    Amber Staklinski
  • Amit Reddy Maranganti, Fight Fit Testimonials

    I took my first Krav Maga intro class over 5 years ago because I was looking for something else to do besides run (since we have invented the wheel for a reason!). After that first class, I walked to the front desk and signed up for a year. Awesome training, a wide variety of classes including fitness to augment the strength, speed, and explosiveness required for a self defense situation, great instructors, and an amazing group of people to train with. I fully intend to continue my training here for as long as I can, and highly recommend Fight Fit to anybody looking for a place to try something new or add to their existing skills. 

    Amit Reddy Maranganti
  • Allison Hunnicutt, Fight Fit Testimonials

    Hands down, my best training/fitness experience. Ever. I've been attending classes 3-4 times a week for about 9 months now. My mind and body are grateful. I started with Krav classes, quickly became addicted to kickboxing, and have since added a couple of strength training classes to my week. Full blown obsession.

    They offer a great mix of classes which all work toward building a defensive skill set; and we're always learning something new. They keep it interesting - it's the perfect relationship. The instructors are amazing. They really care about their craft and the students' success. Senior members are friendly and always willing to assist new students. They promote an inclusive environment and there's no ego here.

    The cost is minimal for this kind of specialty training and if you're willing to put in some time and effort, you'll be pleased with your ROI. You'll find increased confidence, maybe a changed perspective, and definitely a better, more fit, you. 

    Allison Hunnicutt
  • Graham Robertson, Fight Fit Testimonials

    I have been training at Fight Fit now for almost 4-months and it is the best thing that I've ever done.  I have to admit that I was well and truly out of my comfort zone the first day that I walked through the door; however, everyone there, from the instructors to my fellow students, were all very friendly and helpful.  I have struggled with high blood pressure for 10-years now and everything that I've tried to do to reduce or get off the med's has failed; after the first 2-months of training, my blood pressure had dropped so dramatically that I am now on the smallest dose and will be looking to be med free after my next appointment.  The training is hard but so very beneficial and fun; the instructors are very hands-on and even in a full class it feels like you are getting personal tuition.  I strongly recommend going to try Fight Fit, even if like me you have never done anything like this before.

    Graham Robertson
  • Kay Bee, Fight Fit Testimonials

    Walking through the doors of Fight Fit was the best decision I ever made.  I am convinced it saved my life - I was very nearly the victim of a carjacking, but instead of panicking, I fell back on my training and got myself out of the situation before the would-be attacker had the chance to hurt me.  Fight Fit is so much more than just a gym.  Learning Krav Maga has helped transform me into an empowered, confident young woman.  I'm calmer, happier, and much less stressed than I was before I joined.  The flat stomach and arm muscles are just an added bonus, as far as I'm concerned!  

    I am so thankful to have discovered Fight Fit.  I've found myself included in a tightly knit community of dedicated, inspiring people.  The other students are so positive and encouraging - we all want one another to succeed.  And the instructors.  I can't sing their praises enough!  The instructors are incredibly patient, and are always a source of encouragement - they don't give up on their students (even when their students have given up on themselves!)  

    Fight Fit's owner Sarah (who is seriously one of the most inspiring women I have ever met) often reminds us that "your safety is your responsibility".  If you want to take on that responsibility, Fight Fit is the place for you.  And hey, you might even get a six pack in the process!

    Kay Bee
  • Charla Trubey, Fight Fit Testimonials

    Joining Fight Fit was the best decision I could have made for cathartic personal fitness, as well as learning self defense. The community at Fight Fit is unbeatable and offers a very inviting and welcoming experience. The membership cost is reasonable especially considering that you can go to any number of classes and there is a great variety depending on what you are looking for. I would recommend Fight Fit to anyone looking for a challenging workout and a great group of people to do it with.

    Charla Trubey
  • Jenny Rag, Fight Fit Testimonials

    Five months ago I started Fight Fit Ohio. The classes were hard and intense but I have never had so much fun working out. The instructors are knowledgeable and incredible. Almost immediately I felt an improvement on my posture and physical body. I would never want to work out any where else. This place is absolutely wonderful. 

    Jenny Rag
  • Matt Robinson, Fight Fit Testimonials

    Amazing people and outstanding training! Top notch in the area. I highly recommend them to anyone who is serious about self defense and about getting into the best shape of your life!

    Matt Robinson
  •  Darrin Bahtees, Fight Fit Testimonials

    I attended the Active Shooter class on 6/24 at the Middleburg location and it was a great class. Very informative instructors and realistic hands on segments of training. Very relevant to the world we live in today.

    Darrin Bahtees
  • Wendy Sfikas, Fight Fit Testimonials

    As a lifelong martial artist, I love the unique blend of different styles and techniques. I learn something new every class and am always be challenged physically and mentally.

    Wendy Sfikas
  • Michelle Wakeman Andujar, Fight Fit Testimonials

    Two days in and I'm addicted! Great staff, great facility, great workout, and priceless knowledge learned!

    Michelle Wakeman Andujar
  • Destin Thibodeaux, Fight Fit Testimonials

    Fit To Fight is the best! Enough said, train here and get in the best shape of your life while learning to kick butt.

    Destin Thibodeaux
  • Don NLori Saxton, Fight Fit Testimonials

    I, Lori, walked into Fight Fit Krav Maga facility about 15 months ago on a groupon special that was too good to pass up. I barely could get through the first 15 minutes of the kickboxing class. I still remember Sarah's words to me as I was in obvious misery, "don't kill yourself, take a break. I don't want to have to call an ambulance for you" . Obviously, at 40 years old and 3 kids later, I had let my fitness level "slide" just a bit ; ok, ok... PLUMMET might be more accurate. After that first day at Fight Fit, my whole body hurt and it was painful to even breathe. I said "forget this", but decided to keep going and at least finish out the groupon 2 month special with the rest of my family who had signed up also. Then, it led into signing on for a year.


    Now, 15 months later, I have just passed my level 1 test and am probably in the best shape I have been in since my high school athletic days. I have taken advantage of the "MyZone" program recently and it has been nothing short of incredible to help me "SEE" myself improve. I took a "What is your fitness age?" test just last week and WOW...I scored a fitness age of "under 20 year old".

    I generally HATE gyms and do not usually stick to ANY program or "routine", but Fight Fit has provided an atmosphere like none other. Progress, results, and practical self defense are a powerful combination to keep me VERY motivated. Great staff too. Sarah is more than willing to accommodate special circumstances/requirements and provide reasonable alternatives. All of the instructors are top notch. They have a passion for what they know and despite the varied teaching styles, they all have a willingness to help a person advance and know JUST how to push their students. Even the other students who have been here longer, are amazing; demonstrating that same willingness to help and encouraging all to keep going and NEVER quit. Instructors and students alike all mentor the same message: "Attitude is everything"

    Don NLori Saxton
  • Todd Fossey, Fight Fit Testimonials

    I've trained with several of their team now an I can't begin to tell you how impressed I am. The system they use is brass tax get down to business and get the job done stuff. Highly recommended.

    Todd Fossey
  • Terri Rosen, Fight Fit Testimonials

    Sarah and team run a top-notch facility. Always a welcoming community and the best Krav Maga training.

    Terri Rosen
  • Dan Innocenzi, Fight Fit Testimonials

    You have so much fun learning self defense, you forget that you're working hard and getting in shape. It blows away anything the city of Solon has to offer. Constant improvements and additions insure that it never gets boring.

    Dan Innocenzi
  • Ashley Mabry, Fight Fit Testimonials

    Very friendly and helpful staff, awesome kickboxing workouts! Looking forward to attending more Krav Maga classes!

    Ashley Mabry
  • Tony LaManna, Fight Fit Testimonials

    Great facility and great instructors unlike some that you find at other gyms.

    Tony LaManna
  • Melissa Blayman, Fight Fit Testimonials

    Excellent training if you live in the area! Staff is top notch! Wish I lived closer.

    Melissa Blayman
  • Paul Fritsche, Fight Fit Testimonials

    The most comprehensive realistic based self defense system I have ever trained. If you are not training at a Fit to Fight facility your are wasting your time.

    Paul Fritsche


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